Top Ten Speakers - Brendon Burchard

Starting with Brendon Burchard, I'm going to do a series of blogposts on the most influential people in the self development, personal growth and life coaching space.  People always want to know what is out there and who are the most authentic speakers doing the circuits.

In these posts, I want to share with you the key elements of their story, a video or two, maybe a link to their pdf and freebies and some insights into what makes them tick.

Brendon Burchard

The thing about Brendon is he shares the same name with me!!  Seriously though - Brendon has energy and passion and it comes across in a slightly dorky but entirely humble manner.  He is comfortable in his own skin and knows with certainty his own limitations and has made peace with his past failures and obstacles.

A big part of Brendon Burchard is his training - and having his massive Youtube channel just bubbling away in the background whilst I work is one of my success secrets.  You can scroll through the series of videos that are released and updated regularly for a dose of his light and inspirational speaking.

My big takeaway each time I drift over to the Brendon Burchard site is his insistence on taking responsibility and developing a sense of agency.  He call sit developing your own curriculum - as opposed to waiting to be spoonfed some course from some university.  By taking control and putting in the effort and energy to design your own curriculum, you grow and evolve towards your goal.

Accepting that your own perspective will change over time is also a big part of Brendon Burchard's philosophy of learning and life.  Simply learning and absorbing the new information will change you - and for example, you will not be the same person at the end of the book as you were before you picked it up.

Growth and learning and change is all about maintaining resilience - and honouring the process of the struggle.  Facing a challenge with honesty and a calm resilience is a key to success - just as much as grit and determination to continue through the process is.

Best things About Brendon Burchard

1 - He's been there and done that.  He started with nothing and actually went bankrupt in his early days.  Right now he is ranked up there as a social media giant - huge on Facebook, huge on Youtube and just an all round influencer.

2 - He has a history in online business and marketing - and took it on when he did not really know all that much about what he was doing.  And, with just grit, determination and a growth mindset he made something like $4m in one year from internet marketing - and it set him off on his way.

3 - He is a bestselling writer - and he writes powerful books that are based on motivation and inspiration.  I have a copy of his Motivation Manifesto, below is a copy of his latest, Life's Golden Ticket.

4 - His videos have a really authentic nature to them - you will see in his eyes that he genuinely believes what he is saying and has actually lived it.  I think that this was what drew me to him in the first place - his openness and authenticity in sharing his story.

I count Brendon Burchard as a role model and see his openness and willingness to serve as things I want to emulate in my own business.

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