Hypnotherapy in Newcastle

Newcastle hypnotherapy Bren Murphy
Hypnotherapy Newcastle with Bren Murphy
Hypnotherapy in Newcastle

Newcastle Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach Bren Murphy offers day long workshops in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

The perfect launching pad for an exploration into personal growth and self development, these action-based seminars are complete with real life steps you can take and implement in your life immediately.

Personal Growth Psychology

Bren Murphy has experienced the highs of running a powerhouse international online business alongside the crushing lows of personal tragedy and loss.  In these one day seminars, you're invited to explore more deeply how your own story, and the meaning and pain you attach to it, shapes your worldview.

Mindset Coach Newcastle

Bren Murphy uses proven scientific techniques learned from Australia's finest life coaching college, including skillsets from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and heart centered coaching.  You'll benefit from an intensive experience of real action and some key takeaways to do right here, today.

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