Best Life Coaching Questions

Best Life Coaching Questions

Life Coaching with Bren Murphy is best described as a process of listening and posing questions.  There's no advice or telling you what to do - that is never the case.  That is not part of the definition of life coaching.  The most important thing I do is share the inner advice that people already have within themselves.

You share your story and your challenge, and through attentive listening and my experience and training, I pose questions to help you elicit the right answer from where you are right now.

Life Coaching Questions 2016

What do you think you should do first?

If you went to your mentor with this challenge, what might they suggest?

If you could only do one thing this week, what would it be?

If you giving 100% - you weren’t holding anything back, what would you be doing?

What would be the most helpful thing that you could do now?

What books could you be reading to help you achieve your goals?

If time wasn’t a restriction for you, what would you do?

What would you do if you weren’t answerable to anyone?

What do you sense God is telling you to do?

If you were guaranteed to succeed, what would you do?

What’s the best use of your time at the moment?

What can you do better than anyone else in your business?

If money wasn’t a limiting factor, what would you do?

If you saw your best friend in your exact situation, what might you suggest they do?

If you had 50% more confidence, what would you be doing differently?

What would (name a respected expert) do in this situation?

Have you decided to take action or are you just hoping you will?
Are you angry or are you hurt?

Who can help you with this?
Does your current habitat fully support who you’re becoming?
What do you need in order to succeed here?

What plan do you need in order to achieve your new goals?

Are your personal standards high enough to reach your goals?

Who do you need to become in order to succeed here?

What are you responsible for here?

Instead of either/or, how could you use both?

Are you approaching this from your head or from your heart?

Is this an assumption or have you checked to be sure?

How can you learn what you need to know about this?

Is this the best outcome you can imagine or is there something greater?

Do you have a detailed strategy to get there?

How will you transform your life with this new knowledge?

What does this accomplishment mean to you?

Why does it matter?

Who did you have to become to achieve it?

What did you learn in the process?

Who else will benefit?

What’s next for you?

Life Coaching is about learning and discovery and sharing openly without shame or blame or reservation.  I find the best, most powerful Life Coaching Questions are those that prompt thought and inspire action.  It sometimes means you will cry, or experience the pain of growth really quickly as you see what needs to be done.  And yes, these are the benefits of life coaching.

But also, it means you will become closer to a sense of inner peace and deep calm.  Getting in touch with yourself, and cultivating a sense of self mastery is a powerful journey int loving yourself - and from there - you are in the best place to nurture and heal others.