Darby Street Handmade Markets

Brilliant Handmade Markets Ideas for you.

 Spring Brings with it the opportunity for new summer markets and getting out and about in the sunshine.
 Looking forward to experiencing the fresh coffee, happening vibe and lively conversation next time we stroll along the Darby Street Markets looking for something handmade and possibly quirky.
Finding hidden naked Christmas images is a wonderful surprise.

Darby Street Shops Images

Cooks Hill Secondhand Book Shop

Cooks Hill Books & Records

Terrace house off Darby Street, Cooks Hill

The main strip, with swirling coffee smells and the latest hipster fashions

Local Designers High Tea with Mrs Woo

Website Graphic Design

So how do we attract online customers
to your website when it is brand new amongst a plethora of established competition? 

And how can we give it a nudge along so that it moves closer to the first page of the search results, which is where something like 98% of all buying decisions are made? 

The first step is to target local search, so you are found within the local area by customers who are likely to use you – the low hanging fruit.

Website Design Newcastle

 A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I did once partake in the pleasure of the company of the esteemed Internet Marketing Guru – and for a moment there, we made the connection (big deal back in those dial up days).  Yes indeed, haven’t we all met an Internet Marketing Guru?

So, um yeah, at Newcastle Digital we can spin unique content and have your site zipping with traffic, especially locally and mobile where the biggest growth is forecast.  Crucially, Newcastle Digital fills a local niche and local mobile search is the future.  People want online support for where they are, right now.  No national clunky corporate can offer the specialized individual support we share when you build and manage your search engine optimization program, right here in Newcastle.

The Three Pillars of Wisdom any Internet Guru worth her salt will share with you are Original Unique Content dense with your niche specific keywords.  That means copy written original articles specifically about your niche, about your business and about the topics and issues that are current in your business and affect your customers.  Newcastle Digital has a University trained copywriter and we understand you would expect punchy, sales converting articles to promote your business.

The second Pillar of Wisdom is onsite optimization – that is a website that has all the SEO features that facilitate ease of indexing and findability.  Like seo friendly urls and attention to detail with alt tags and the like.  Onsite optimization is ensuring that your website has all the features that will make is easy to be found.

The Third Pillar of Wisdom, and one that is most difficult to define and track, is off page optimization.  This is where the search engine measures the number of links pointing to your site and measures the inbound links for quality, authority and relevance.  So you want links from respected industry organization ‘s websites and as opposed to links from free for all link farms based in Eastern Europe.  Get the picture?

So as an Internet Marketing Guru, sure, we may not be the High Lord Yogi or whatever, but we have learned enough over the years to propel websites under our management into the first page of the results and more importantly, to convert those website visitors into paying, profitable customers.


Newcastle Web Designer

Search Engine Optimization is improving the visibility and exposure of a website through careful attention to the website itself and the websites that link to it.  At Organic Digital, we have sustained success optimizing local sites for high traffic and exposure to buying customers – and we can do it for your site as well.

Most people use Google or Yahoo or Bing and type in a few words to search for some results.  And the results displayed are the closest match the search engine can find to give the correct, most accurate answer.  The search engine finds these results from the literally billions of pages of information online by giving each page a rating, or ranking, based on what the page is about (the content) and how trustworthy, reliable and authoritative the information is.

Starting by identifying the relevant keywords that apply to your niche, we will execute a plan to increase your visibility over the course of 6 or 12 months.  Over time, you will appreciate more customers and visitors to your site and can reasonably expect growth in your business.  It is beyond the scope of this article to go into the details of SEO, but it is enough to say the best thing is for you to go about your business, and let Organic Digital go about SEO.  That way, you don’t have to study the workshops and learn the constantly evolving scene of Google updates and new strategies to maintain first page results.

Organic Digital offers set up and account creation for many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as copy writing and blogging so your small business can stay in touch with the customer base at all times.  This is especially relevant for promotions, updates and the roll out of new products and services.  Keeping in touch with your clients has never been easier!

Again, the slow build of momentum is the most efficient practice to ensure a steady rise to the first page of Google.  At Organic Digital, we can make your website and ensure that it does not just stagnate on page 16 of the results for your most lucrative keywords.