Newcastle Life Coaching

Hi, my name is Bren Murphy and I and gaining my certification as a Life Coach under Anne Hartley.  Anne Hartley espouses the heart-life method of personal coaching, based on listening and a values based approach.

Bren Murphy Life Coach

I believe Life Coaching is something I have been drawn to after working across various disciplines from studying a law degree to working in an industrial laundry, to supporting people living with severe disabilities, to addiction and recovery experiences, to small business and start-ups.

When I began to immerse myself in the personal development and transformation strategies of life coaching, I realised I had finally found my true passion.

There is something deeply satisfying about helping a person explore and discover their potential through listening and asking questions.

On a personal level, I find myself grounded doing yoga most mornings alongside the awesome teachers at - as well as daily meditation.  In fact I've put together a resource website for the Best Free Guided Meditations - Meditation Australia.

Yoga and Meditation

For more vigorous stress-busting, I keep up a run along Glenrock to Nobbys Beach which takes me just on 100 minutes.  It's a great combination - running and yoga - and I intend to keep entering half marathons so long as my boy keeps up!

I am the Principal of boutique Newcastle Website Design - Organic Digital - and am always looking for new opportunities with Health and Wellness websites.

My other interest is in Kindness Australia - a non-profit start-up I founded to spread the power of taking action on kindness.