Secrets of Handmade Success

handmade marketing strategies
Online shopping is the way to go for creative enterprise in 2014.

 Find Handmade is not your ordinary digital agency.

Mostly it’s just me working from my home office – although I do have access to an awesome team of support and assistants to get me through larger projects. It’s how it works.

Handmade Success Secrets

I work with handmade artisans and creative enterprises because people who work on their own vision, passion and dreams really inspire me and are the most exciting and dynamic to work alongside. I don’t do web development for solicitors or mechanics anymore. That is not how it works.

online shopping masterclass
Online shopping offers you the freedom of working from home an taking charge of exactly where you want to position your business

 Working with creative artisan types is the most fulfilling and I’ve seen how my strategies and methods can completely transform a uncertain handmade artisan into an online shopping authority.

How to find amazing content for your blog, website and social media
How to focus on your most profitable, and bestselling products
How to get awesome images and visual content
How to get a handle on social media so it isn’t a daily distraction
Why everyone (well almost everyone) hates blogging about their business and how to do it differently
How to get selling independently online – NOT using portals like – using your own owned site

artisan small business ideas
Artisan Small Business has its own set of challenges - its wise to use a mentor

How to get a website without being held to ransom for updates and exorbitant hosting costs
How to use youtube to build your brand and let people know the real you
How selling Australia wide means you are tapping a 20 million + audience
How to get meaningful work life balance so you work the business to suit you – not the other way around
How to use couriers and Auspost to suit your own lifetsyle, not your customers demands


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